Developed Dimension Information Technology Company (DDIT®)

 Welcome to Developed Dimension Information Technology (DDIT®) Company’s website.

DDIT® is an exciting, fast-growing niche, Systems Integration Company that provides strategic GIS, Security and Telecom solutions throughout the Gulf Region.

DDIT® has a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and prides itself on maintaining high-quality customer relations.  In fact, our vision is to provide an advanced technical to the region’s most difficult technological problems.

As a key international player in the GIS, Security and Telecom markets, DDIT® understands that local on the ground expertise is not only critical to our success but also paramount to our future.

DDIT® not only provides comfort and peace of mind to its customers but also ensures that the comfort they receive from our expertise means that our relationships are built on trust and proven success in providing 21st Century technology and knowledge.